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The Stock Dog Company

Moss is available for deposit.  ABCA registered intact male border collie. Has been on goats, sheep, and cattle.  Below is a video showing his ability to stay out and get out to a corral fence.  Invaluable in the yards and in small fields where a curving outrun isn't enough to scoop the stock out of the corners or off of the fence!
Below, Moss is bringing two bulls out of a corral.  He is stays against the corral, except when dodging the big mud puddle, minds his manners and doesn't shred into bulls causing a fight, but is more than ready to correct the young bull that turns his head back.

Good self-control in tight quarters, only a small number to work with, and behaves while watching them exit.  This dog is a natural head dog and would love to go get 'em, hold them up, and bring them back.  But he has enough self control to watch you turn the stock out!